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By Peter Ness (Australia)


The Dairy Industry in Australia and New Zealand has benefited from the increased global price payed for dairy commodities this year.  In Australia, the milk prices payed to farmers, would have been higher if the Australian dollar value was not at parity with the US dollar.


Climatic conditions have had quite an impact on the dairy regions of both Australia and New Zealand.  Where the north island of New Zealand experienced a dry spring, the south island received unseasonal snow falls during spring.  The terrible earthquake that hit Christchurch on the south island, also affected a number of dairy farms.


In Australia, most dairy regions experienced their best autumn and spring for years, but as I write this report parts of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria are experiencing devastating floods, which will take a lot of rebuilding, time and money to recover.


Jersey Australia has seen an increase in memberships this year and set a target of reaching 14,000 registrations which at this point looks to be coming in on target.  Jersey cattle offered at auction have received increased prices as well as demand for export cattle.  An order of 2500 jersey heifers went to China this year and a further order of another 2500 has been placed for 2011.


As a newly formed  national organisation, Jersey Australia is starting to see benefits – this past year securing 2 major sponsorships, - not easy in the current market.


A major milk processor in Victoria, has made the decision to market Jersey Milk, pushing high protein and the clean and green message.  It has just hit the shelves in a major retail chain and the feedback has been very positive.


Jersey Australia, Dairy Australia and the Victorian Department of Primary Industries, have joined forces to genomic test approximately 6500 jersey cows, to add to a genomic data reference set for the Australian Breeding Value for jerseys.   Jersey members have also donated over 600 straws of semen to be genomic tested, to help lift the reliability on genomic tested bulls.


Jersey New Zealand reports that membership has remained stable as have registration numbers.  They are just completing their TOP & Classification season, and numbers of both SPS heifer and member pedigree inspections look to be up on the previous year. 


The new joint venture scheme, ‘JerseyGenome’, has gone from strength to strength with fantastic support from their core membership.  Their first crop of heifers are testing at the moment, and there are already good signs of some high flyers coming through.  The second team (2009 born heifers) is due to be announced in early February and nominations will be called for in February for the 2010 crop of calves.


While semen sales from their other joint venture were moderate , the 2011 team will see the first inclusion from the JerseyGenome scheme of the bull calves bred for consideration.

With varying weather patterns and the economy still recovering from the slow year previously, Jersey Marketing Service Limited (their fully owned subsidiary marketing arm), experienced another slow year.


As hosts for the upcoming 19th International World Jersey Conference, Jersey New Zealand have produced a balanced program and have engaged some internationally renowned key note speakers.  The program should provide something of interest for all delegates.

Looking forward to the Kiwi hospitality and catching up with friends and acquaintances in February.


Respectfully Submitted


Peter Ness

WJCB Vice President for Asia/Oceania


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