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The meeting convened at 08:30 on Monday 31st May

at the International Tirana Hotel, Tirana, Albania


1)  President’s Welcome:

Dr Gonzalo Maldonado, President WJCB, welcomed the delegates to the annual meetings of the Council of the WJCB.  He congratulated the organisers and host association, ALDA Jersey, for arranging the program, noting that some 60 delegates were present.

Opening speeches of welcome to Albania were given by Mr Myslim Mino (The President of ALDA Jersey) and Merita Petuski (Chief of Livestock Production for the Albania Ministry of Agriculture).  The WJCB Regional Vice Presidents for North America, Oceania, Africa and Europe also brought greetings from their respective regions.


2)  Members present: 

Councillors: Dr Gonzalo Maldonado (President, Colombia), Peter Ness (Vice President Oceania, Australia), Johannes Van Eeden (Vice President Africa,  South Africa), Derrick Frigot (Vice President Europe, Jersey), Dr Cherie Bayer (Vice President North America, USA), Steve Le Feuvre (Treasurer, Jersey), James Godfrey (Secretary, Jersey), Ian Anderson (Australia), Kelvin Trotman (Australia), John Bailey (New Zealand), Lloyd Wilson (New Zealand), Peter Larson (Denmark), Anders Levring (Denmark), Roger Trewhella (UK), Augustin Robredo (Argentina),Rainer Schmitt (Germany), Lars Soderlund (Sweden), Myslim Mino (Albania).  

Observers: Anne Perchard (Patron, Jersey), Winsome Anderson (Australia), Merita Petuski (Albania), Roddy West (New Zealand), Bob Potts (NZ), Andrea Trajani (Albania), Andreas Middelkamph (Germany), Russell Gibb (NZ), Gori Steffi (Albania), Des Hickey (NZ), Fejzo Begaj (Albania), Fatmira Leka (Albania), Adrian Doleo (Albania), Rodney Dobson (NZ), Jocelyn Dobson (NZ), Paul Frecklington (NZ), Christine Frecklington (NZ), Rhonda West (NZ).

Apologies were received from: Massaru Kashiwagi (Vice President Latin America, Brazil), Anne Corner (UK), Brian Carter (NZ), Maurice Core (USA), Doc & Helene Driesbach (USA), Bill Maness (USA), John Chester (UK), Charles Reader (UK), Wikus Van der Merwe (SA), Poena Ven Niekerk (SA), Suzanne Le Feuvre (Jersey), Russell Gammon (Canada).

3)  To approve the minutes of the meeting of Council, held in USA, July 2009:

The minutes had been circulated previously and were adopted by unanimous approval on the proposition of Johannes Van Eeden and seconded by Roger Trewhella.

4)  Matters arising from the minutes of July 2009:

4a)    WJCB incorporation:  The Secretary reported that the act of incorporation would be presented to the Royal Court in Jersey on 18th June.  He had copies of the final draft present for members to review if they wished.  The only substantive changes had been agreed by the Officers during the year.  After incorporation the constitution would be posted on the web site. 

4b)    Memorandum of Understanding between WJCB & Host Associations:  The Secretary had reviewed this document and the revised version was presented.  Copies were signed for sending to Jersey New Zealand for 2011 and Jersey South Africa for 2014.

4c)    World Jersey Cheese Awards:  The Secretary reported that entries for the 2nd WJCA in Jersey were being received and approaching 100 despite the launch being later than anticipated.  This was due to the limited resources that were available to be applied to promoting the event.  It was agreed that a subcommittee of Cherie Bayer, Roger Trewhella, Johannes Van Eeden, Peter Ness, the Treasurer and Secretary would meet to discuss the longer term of these awards.

4d)    WJCB 60th Anniversary Publication:  Peter Larson provided an update and copies of the 15 page mock draft.  There was some discussion on the projected costs and how this would be funded.  It was agreed that a subcommittee of Peter Larson, the Treasurer and Secretary be formed to discuss the progression of this initiative.    

4e)    Youth Travel Scheme:  The Secretary reported that he had been in discussion with Agri-Venture who wished to launch the scheme in one or two countries to start with before rolling out further.  The Council agreed that the preferred order of countries would be the USA, New Zealand and the UK.  The Secretary would continue discussions on that basis.

4f)     Jersey Educational Travel Award (JETA):  It was confirmed that these would run in New Zealand at the 19th International Conference in 2011 and the Secretary circulated copies of the rules to which a couple of minor changes were made.  It was agreed that the 2011 Awards would be launched at the beginning of July with a deadline of 30th September 2010 for submission to the WJCB. 

4g)    Ethics of cattle photography:  Stephen Le Feuvre explained that many people were becoming increasingly concerned about the digital alteration of photographs of animals to such an extent that the image ‘misrepresented’ the actual qualities of the animal.  He read the statement agreed by the Council in 2004 which he felt did not go far enough.  It was agreed that he should bring a revised version to the next session of the Council meeting.

4f)     Application for PDO for Jersey butter by Jersey Dairy:  It was noted that the letter, as agreed, had been sent.  Roger Trewhella reported that little had progressed with the application in the last 12 months and that the UK DEFRA was still considering it.  He thanked the Council for its support.

5)  Bureau Business:

It was noted that the following reports had been posted on the web site well in advance of the meeting. 

5-a)  President’s report:  This was adopted on the proposition of Derrick Frigot, seconded by Peter Ness, with all in agreement. 

5-b)  Vice President’s reports:  These were adopted the proposition of Derrick Frigot, seconded by Peter Ness, with all in agreement.  It was noted that no report had been received from the Vice President for Latin America and it was agreed that the President would contact Massaru Kashiwagi to discuss this matter.   

5-c)  Secretary’s report:  This was adopted on the proposition of Derrick Frigot, seconded by Peter Ness, with all in agreement.  There was some discussion on the further development of the web site, particularly in regard to advertising on the site.  The Secretary would research how that might be done within the license agreement, however, a key method would be for people to become members and make the most of their profile listing as advertising, which can include links to their own web sites.

5-d)  Treasurers report:  Steve Le Feuvre reported that, following agreement at the meeting last year, the book keeping was being undertaken by the RJA&HS as part of the secretariat fee and the Financial Statements being prepared by a Jersey accountant, thus achieving a saving on the audit & accountancy costs.  The Financial Statements were, however, unaudited and it was agreed that the key ledgers would be brought to annual meetings when an audit committee could look at them.   The Treasurer also sought the backing of Council to downgrade the memberships of those countries who were in arrears with their subscriptions.  This was agreed and the report adopted on the proposition of Stephen Le Feuvre, seconded by Cherie Bayer. 

5-e)  Approval of Financial Statements for 2009:  The Treasurer, in providing a verbal summary to the report previously circulated, highlighted that the overall figures were close to budget with the exception of the legal fees in connection with the process of incorporation.  The surplus on the meetings last year had been £3,585 which was below budget.  A deficit of £3,560 was shown with a net balance sheet position of some £38,000.  The Financial Statements were adopted on the proposition of Stephen Le Feuvre, seconded by Cherie Bayer, with all in agreement and were duly signed.

5-f)   Membership Fees for the year:  It was unanimously agreed on the proposition of the Treasurer, seconded by Peter Ness, that there should be no change in fees at £500 for Full National Members, £50 for National Associate Members and £50 for Life Members.

5-g)    Appointment of auditors:  The Treasurer suggested the following arrangements:

1.       The Book keeping is undertaken by the RJA&HS

2.       The Financial Statements are prepared by ABC (Accountancy & Bookkeeping Company) Jersey.

3.       The Officers act as auditors at the annual meetings.

This was agreed on the proposition of Johannes Van Eeden, seconded by Derrick Frigot, with all in favour. 

6)  Report of the Lord Jersey Research Trust:

Stephen Le Feuvre reported a statement of the Trust’s reserves at £23,384 which was unchanged as until the Bureau’s incorporation had been determined he was unable to access the Trust.  This would now be progressed following the incorporation on 18th June.    This was agreed on the proposition of Johannes Van Eeden, seconded by Peter Ness, with all in favour. 

The meeting was adjourned at 12.30 hrs and reconvened at 09.00 hrs on Friday 4th June at the Vlora International Hotel, Vlora, Albania. 


The Council received excellent presentations from Mr Msylim Mino, on the Jersey breed in Albania, and Mr Fejzo Begaj, on Heifer Project International Albania.   The agreed priorities were to improve the quality of Jersey cattle in the country, to improve animal identification and recording systems and to encourage breeders to keep quality pedigree heifers for sale.

7)  To discuss future WJCB meetings:

7a)  2011 - 19th International Conference, Annual Council Meeting & WJCB Meeting in New Zealand:

John Bailey & Lloyd Wilson gave a presentation and welcome to the ‘Hooked on Jerseys’ conference.  It was reported that the full details of itinerary, pricing and registration details would be posted on the web site in early July. 

It was agreed that Neal Smith, as Chairman of the Jersey TIPE initiative, be asked to liaise with Jersey NZ on establishing a workshop during the conference.

7b)  2012 & 2013 - Annual Council Meetings:

Johannes Van Eeden reported that he had been in contact with the association in Kenya who had felt that holding annual meetings in that country would not be possible in 2012.  The President invited the Council to consider holding the meetings in Colombia, spending a week around Bogota visiting herds during the first two weeks in June.  There could be a possibility of a visit to Venezuela where a large Jersey breeding project has just started.  The President explained that if the Council agreed he would raise the possibility with the Board of Directors of ASO Jersey in Colombia.  The Council unanimously agreed on the proposition of Johannes Van Eeden, seconded by John Bailey.

Derrick Frigot reported that he had been in early contact with Ken Nunokawa in Japan.  The Council agreed that efforts should be made to re-establish links with Japan by holding the meetings in Japan in 2013.  A post meeting study tour could be arranged for either China or Taiwan.  Derrick Frigot would continue to research the possibility of China and Peter Ness would look into the possibility of Taiwan.

7c)  2014 - 20th International Conference, Annual Council Meeting & WJCB Meeting in South Africa:

Johannes Van Eden reported that Wikus van der Merwe would be reporting on the details in New Zealand next year. 

Matters carried forward from the last session:

World Jersey Cheese Awards: 

Cherie Bayer summarised the discussions of the subcommittee which revolved around the aim of developing a secure financial basis for the event.  The first step will be to form a media partnership to raise the profile of the event and an international cheese publication will be approached for an expression of interest.  The consensus was that the world event should stay in Jersey and that growth should be encouraged within the limited resources available.  Regional awards in 2011 will be held in North America, Oceania and potentially Europe and Africa.  Other initiatives will include establishing a group section of the facebook website to engage with producers.  The Council agreed with the proposals of the subcommittee.  

60th Anniversary Publication:

Stephen Le Feuvre summarised the discussions on this subject which included the need to revise the budget to take account of the print costs on the ‘print on demand’ format.  As Treasurer he would like to see at least 50% of the production cost covered by sponsorship before proceeding.  There was considerable discussion as to how such sponsorship might be raised. 

Anders Levring offered that Danish Jerseys would cover the invoiced costs of production until the year end.   Other ideas were put forward resulted in agreement that a detailed proposal would be developed and circulated to the Associations and Members outlining the following:

·      That proceeds from the publication would be paid to the Lord Jersey Research Trust.

·      The revised budget would allow the development of sponsorship offers in return for a listing in the book and entitling donors to a number of copies.

·      Each country would review the section pertaining to the breed development in their respective country.

·      Additional sections would be printed in Danish & Spanish with responsibility for that section to be decided in relation to Spanish.

·      The CEOs of the Full Member countries would write a short passage on their visions for breed growth and future challenges.

·      The Member associations would be asked to donate items for a fund raising auction at the conference in New Zealand.

·      A system of pre orders would be launched that would entitle purchasers to be entered into a prize draw.

·      The Secretary would develop a draft of the proposal for circulation

       This plan was agreed on the proposition of Cherie Bayer and seconded by Peter Ness. 

The question was posed as to at what point does the commitment to produce the book be made, as it was difficult to sell the idea to sponsors only on the promise that it might be produced.  On the proposition of Derrick Frigot, seconded by Peter Ness, it was agreed that the Council provide that commitment immediately.  It was also agreed that a project team of the Secretary, the Treasurer, Peter Larson, Cherie Bayer and John Bailey be appointed to drive the process.

       Ethics of cattle photography:

Stephen Le Feuvre read a draft statement that proposed an unequivocal position that the Bureau did not support the alteration of the image of animals to ‘improve’ their looks as a means of selling genetics.  There was much discussion on the subject with views put forward in support of such a stance, as the manipulation of images had become excessive, whilst others were concerned how the Bureau would be able to act unilaterally as the practice had become so widespread.  The Council agreed that, whilst it did not have jurisdiction on the matter, the ‘fixing’ of photographs had become an issue of great concern to many cattle breeders around the world and a strong statement should be made disapproving of the practice.  It was agreed that, on the proposition of Johannes van Eeden and seconded by Peter Ness, a final statement would be prepared by Stephen Le Feuvre in liaison with Neil Smith, Russell Gammon and Wikus van de Merwe. 

8)  Any other business:

8a)  Letter from UK Jerseys regarding the actions of the American Jersey Cattle Association in relation to the cow Oomsdale Gordo Grace Gratitude:

Cherie Bayer presented the current situation in the USA regarding the discovery of red Holstein genes in the pedigree of the cow and the actions taken by the AJCA.  There was discussion from other countries as to how they had dealt with progeny of this line in their respective herd books.  Cherie Bayer explained that the AJCA were looking at procedures for parentage verification in future and there was discussion on the various types of DNA testing available and the implications of their use. 

There was much comment on the difficulties that this issue had caused, with breeders in some countries having invested considerable sums in this line of breeding, and feeling that the reputation of US genetics had suffered as result.

It was agreed unanimously, on the proposition of Peter Ness, seconded by Roger Trewhella, that the Bureau establish a web page setting out how each member country has dealt with the issue.

It was also agreed, by vote with all in favour except the UK who abstained, that the Bureau issue a communiqué suggesting that all bulls from whom progeny are to be registered should be parentage verified by DNA testing.

8b)  Model cow:

Derrick Frigot introduced a model Jersey cow, sculptured by Lee Mahovlic, that they wished to market to Jersey breeders around the world.  He mentioned that, in his opinion, this was one of the finest models he had seen and there had not been a model produced for many years.  They would like the Bureau to endorse the model, however, it was agreed that this would be difficult in that it would set a precedent that the Bureau might find difficult in future.  It was agreed, on the proposition of Johannes van Eeden and seconded by Stephen Le Feuvre, that if the suggested £50 from the sale of each model were to be donated to the Bureau, then this could be stated on promotional material.

8c)  Greetings from the Asociacion de Criadores de Ganado Jersey de Guatemala:

The President had been given a certificate of greeting from the association in Guatemala to the Bureau on the occasion of their 25th anniversary.  The Council applauded the work of the association in Guatemala and recognised their success over the years.


There was no further business and the President thanked those attending and closed the meeting at 13.00 hrs.

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