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From President Gonzalo Maldonado


The last WJCB Annual Meeting took place in the United States by the end of June and the first days of July. The joint program developed by our hosts, the American Jersey Cattle Association, was flawless.


The organization of activities, such as conferences, visits to farms and the North American Cheese Awards gave us a clear perspective of the strenghts in the dairy industry, and particularly the Jersey breed potential. During the first day in Texas, the Type Harmonization workshop took place at the Avi-Lanche dairy farm, with representatives from Canada, USA, Denmark, South Africa, United Kingdom and Colombia.


 The study tour provided an excellent opportunity to see the variety of the dairy industry in the United States; from the state-of-the-art production in the mega projects in Texas, the extraordinary development of the dairy business in the heart of Ohio and Western New York, to the origin and history of the Jersey breed in New England, with its traditional cheese production and milk distribution, and dairy products targeting niche markets.


I would like to express my gratitude to the AJCA President, Mr. David Chamberlain, the Executive Director, Mr. Neil Smith and Dr Cherie Bayer, as well as each and every host, director and member who collaborated with enthusiasm in their respective areas in order to offer a successful meeting of the AJCA and the WJCB combined.  This contributed to strengthen bonds of friendship among Jersey breeders worldwide and the United States. Forty eight delegates from fourteen countries attended the meeting.


The Bureau’s officials agreed to hire the accounting services from Mr. Marc Couriard ABC (Accountancy & Bookkeeping Company). Regarding the proposed new constitution, it has been approved and will be registered in the Royal Court of Jersey, as well as the authorization to the Secretary who lives in the Jersey Island to represent the Bureau of which more details appear in the Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports.


The year 2009 was considered extremely difficult for the dairy industry; nevertheless, during the last months of 2009 we could foresee a rise of prices in dairy products worldwide. However; the breeders associations abroad reported important achievements regarding increase in Jersey populations, animal registrations, production levels, semen doses sold and a larger number of producers who use Jersey to crossbreed.  This tendency confirms the Jersey breed as the ideal breed for the modern dairy industry, for its productive and reproductive efficiency and an ally to environmental preservation. In spite of so many positive aspects, the competitiveness of the international dairy industry means that we must keep working to promote the qualities of the breed and reinforce marketing strategies developed to spread the breed around the world.


The recently developed new web site http://wjcb.wildapricot.org will be a better tool to get to know the Bureau’s activities, the various associations that form part of the organization, the communication among members, and knowledge exchange through its forum on issues related to the Jersey breed and the dairy industry.


A new communication approach for the Jersey breeders has been the Facebook social network, at present many associations and people from different countries have joint the Jersey cattle groups created. Jersey Canada, UK Jerseys, Jersey SA, Australia Jersey, Jersey Costa Rica, Raza Jersey-Jersey Breed Colombia have more than one thousand fans. Some others like Xanadu Jerseys, Elevation Jerseys, Washington Jersey Youth have created their site.


The new technologies applied to the study of the bovine genomics brought new challenges that we must analyze and reach an agreement on the breed’s herd book management and the future of the breed. Many doubts have arisen among breeder’s associations regarding the steps to follow in the Gratitude’s case.


As usual, I assisted to the  World Dairy Expo in Madison last October 2008 and on July, to the Rural Exhibition in La Rural Exhibition Center in Buenos Aires. We have kept in touch with the Mexican Jersey Breeders Association and we are trying to define their reactivation as members of the WJCB.


It is with deepest sadness that we share the news of the death of Mr. James Francis Cavanaugh, who has been one of the most influential people in the history of the Jersey breed. Mr. Cavanaugh was Executive Secretary of the AJCA from 1956 to 1985, and has worked for this association since 1940. In the year 1992 he was recognized by the WJCB for his great contribution to the Jersey breed with the Distinguished Services Award. In our sadness we rejoice in his extraordinary contribution to the Jersey breed in the United States and the world.  


The continuing progress of globalization of the diary industry will lead to greater exchanges in products and in the places of production.  This results in some producers exiting the industry whilst others expand the size of production units.  These trends make us consider where is the dairy industry heading, the most efficient producers are the ones who will definitely survive the changes, and the Jersey breed must promote and develop programs where such efficiency is promoted.


Once again, this year we have registered the damages suffered by the agro industry due to the climate change: extremely long draught periods in some places, floods and excessive rains in other. Intensive high and low temperatures that haven’t been seen before. All of this forces us to implement processes to preserve the environment in our own activity. Forest preservation, water economy and emissions control are some aspects to consider.


Last but not least, I would like to thank representatives and members of the council and especially the Secretary Mr. James Godfrey for his support and cooperation in every issue proposed, his loyalty and dedication, considering the distance between my country of residence and the Bureau’s main offices.


Respectfully submitted.

Gonzalo Maldonado


April 2010 

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