Welcome to the World Jersey Cattle Bureau



·         Will commence at the:

·         GRAN MERCURE HOTEL, SAO PAULO at 16:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs on SUNDAY, 1st JULY

·         the meeting will continue at the:

·         LUXOR REGENCY HOTEL, RIO DE JANEIRO at 17:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs on TUESDAY 3rd JULY

·         and at the:

·         MERCURE HOTEL, BELO HORIZONTE at 16:00 to 18:00 hrs on FRIDAY, 6th JULY.


•1.      President's Welcome

•2.      Apologies for Absence

•3.      To approve Minutes of the Council Meeting, held in June 2006 in Lucerne, Switzerland (previously circulated)

•4.      Matters Arising from these Minutes

•a.       Constitution Sub-Committee (reports attached – Aims & Objectives, Position Descriptions for WJCB Officers, Guidelines for WJCB Awards, Ethics)

•b.      Communications & Breeding Sub-Committee (reports attached – Global Jersey, Sponsorship, Sire / Cow of the Year,  International Showmanship Competition)

•5.      Bureau Business

•a.       President's Report (attached)

•b.      Vice Presidents' Reports (Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Oceania attached)

•c.       Secretary's Report (attached)

•d.      Treasurer's Report (attached)

•e.       Approval of Audited Income and Expenditure Accounts and Balance Sheet for the previous year (attached)

•f.       Setting of Members Fees for the year

•g.       Appointment of Auditors

•6.      To receive Report on the International Youth Travel Scholarship (attached)

Note paper from Jersey New Zealand dated February 2007 (attached)

•7.      To receive Report on the Lord Jersey Research Trust (attached)

•8.      To discuss future WJCB Meetings

•a.       2008 18th International Conference, Annual Council Meeting & Bureau Meeting in Jersey Island.

•b.      2009 Annual Council Meeting in USA

•c.       2010 Annual Council Meeting

•d.      2011 International Conference in New Zealand.  Jersey New Zealand have sought clarification on the Memorandum of Understanding on hosting the International Conferences & Annual Meetings (attached)

•9.      Any Other Business – To receive application for National Associate Membership by Jersey Farmer’s Union Albania

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