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by Stephen Le Feuvre (Jersey Island)

Council decisions in Brazil in June 2007 were consistent with the cost-cutting approach adopted during the previous financial year. This was entirely necessary as I was conscious that with the Jersey Island conference in May 2008 we would have a large commitment financially to the JETA scheme.

The three year budget plan (2007-2009) continues to act as a discipline tool for the Council, and this will be updated for their approval during the meetings in Jersey.

Country Member Fees – It is a constant problem trying to collect fees on an annual basis, and 2007 was no exception. The auditors have again flagged this up as an issue that needs addressing, and during 2008 a concerted effort will be made to resolve this.

Levy on Annual Meetings and Conferences – Brazil held an exceptional tour and annual meeting which attracted good numbers and hence a tremendous sum of £3,017 towards the WJCB’s finances.

Sir James Knott Trust – We continue to receive £2,000 per year from this Jersey-based fund, and this finances the Youth Travel Scholarship Programme. Future funding has yet to be secured, but the Patron, Secretary and Treasurer will arrange to hold a meeting with the Trustees during the summer of 2008.

Salaries   -  2007 was the first year that we did not have the cost of employing the Scientific Advisor, thereby “saving” £3,000. At the Council meetings in Brazil in June 2007, it was decided that the RJA&HS (Jersey Island) would provide the role of a Secretariat facility for an annual cost of £5,400 and as a consequence, only 7 months (£3,150) of that total charge was made during 2007.

Audit fee  - This shows a 20% reduction to £1,000 and discussions will take place with the auditors during the summer of 2008 to see if further savings can be made.

Depreciation & Fixed assets written off  -  It was decided to fully depreciate and write-off the computer equipment owned by the Bureau, as it was considered to no longer have any residual value.

The Bureau continues to find itself in a healthy position financially, but I am concerned about the role and function of the organisation for the future. If the WJCB has a world-wide function, then we must ensure that all member countries are prepared to contribute willingly towards its funding.  During 2007, no sums were claimed on the Youth Travel Scholarship Programme, and this initiative requires careful consideration by the Bureau as to how it will operate in the future, especially if we are to continue seeking funding for this very important part of our work.

Respectfully submitted

Stephen V. Le Feuvre
(Honorary Treasurer, World Jersey Cattle Bureau)                                             May 2008

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