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The meeting convened at 16:00 on Sunday 18th May 2008 at the Hotel de France, St Helier, Jersey.

1)   President’s Welcome:

Johannes Van Eeden, President WJCB, welcomed the delegates to the annual meetings of the Council of the WJCB and the 18th International Conference.  He congratulated the organisers and the host association, the Royal Jersey Agricultural & Horticultural Society, noting that some 274 delegates had registered from 24 countries.

The President asked the meeting to stand for a minutes silence in memory of Robin Corner who passed away during the last year, a loyal and hardworking supporter of the Bureau whose contribution over many years was immense. 

2)   Members present: 

Anne Perchard (Patron, Jersey), Johannes Van Eeden (President, South Africa), Derrick Frigot (Vice President Europe, Jersey), Russell Gammon (Vice President North America, Canada), Gonzalo Maldonado (Vice President Latin America, Colombia), Richard Gibson (Vice President Oceania, New Zealand), Poena van Niekerk (Vice President for Africa, South Africa), Steve Le Feuvre (Treasurer, Jersey), James Godfrey (Secretary, Jersey), Cherie Bayer (USA), Paul Houzé (Jersey), Massaru Kashiwagi (Brazil), Don Dawes (UK), Mark Taylor (UK), Roger Trewhella (UK), Anne Corner (UK), Wikus van der Merwe (South Africa), Peter Larson (Denmark), Poul Vestergaard (Denmark), Daan van Niekerk (South Africa), Maurice Pedley (New Zealand), Tim Sneddon (New Zealand), Brian Carter (New Zealand), Suzanne Le Feuvre (Jersey), Helen King (Australia), Bruce Conochie (New Zealand), Kevin Trotman (Australia), Raymond Shaw (New Zealand), Bob Potts (New Zealand), Ian Anderson (Australia), Winsome Anderson (Australia). 

Apologies were received from: Andres Levering (Denmark), Ricky Leith (Jersey), John Bailey (New Zealand), Jenny Taylor (New Zealand), Hans Norgaard (Denmark).

3)   To approve the minutes of the meeting of Council, held in Brazil, July 2007:

The minutes had been circulated previously and were adopted by unanimous approval on the proposition of Derrick Frigot and seconded by Russell Gammon.

4)   Matters arising from the minutes of June 2006:

There were no matters arising from the minutes that would not be covered by items on the agenda. 

5)   Bureau Business:

5-a)   President’s report:  This was adopted on the proposition of Poena van Niekerk, seconded by Peter Larson, with all in agreement. 

5-b)   Vice President’s reports:  These were adopted on the proposition of Poena van Niekerk, seconded by Peter Larson, with all in agreement. 

In adopting the reports under items 5a and 5b, the President commented on the recurrent theme of these reports being the remarkable explosion of the breed around the world and he congratulated the Vice Presidents on their work within the regions.

5-c)      Secretary’s report:  The President explained that the Officers had met earlier in the afternoon and he asked the Secretary to run through his report and highlight the areas that required decisions.  The Secretary spoke of the immense amount of work that had gone into the preparation of this year’s conference and paid tribute to all those involved.  He then commented on each section of his report as follows:

i)        Review of the constitution:  It is to be concluded that currently the Bureau has no legal status which he felt is unsatisfactory and must be resolved as a first step in establishing a proper structure, constitution and rules.  He had sought advice from the RJA&HS lawyers on possible structures should the Bureau be ‘established’ in Jersey.  This advice had been summarised in his report and was circulated in full to the meeting.  If the Council agreed that the Bureau should be legally based in Jersey then the route forward was clear.  It was agreed that members should have the opportunity to consider this, ask any questions of the Secretary prior to the next meeting of Council on Wednesday at which a proposition would be sought.

ii)      Communications:  He commented that the establishment of an E-News system had been successful but the effectiveness depended on members keeping the Secretariat up to date with their email addresses.  The President commented that he felt this had been a good development.  There was a question as to whether it was being sent to members or all those interested in the breed and the Secretary confirmed that, at present, it was being sent only to members.  There followed some discussion on how information could be collected and disseminated both to and from the National Associations. 

iii)    International Youth Scholarship: The Secretary had been given a number of potential leads to follow in terms of service providers who could assist with arrangement of youth travel schemes.  Anne Corner, as Youth Coordinator, commented how much more difficult arranging the travel and other requirements had become.  It was agreed that a proposal be prepared for the next session.

iv)    JETA: A number of issues had arisen which the Secretary would include in any rules as a written protocol for the scheme, but generally the process had worked well and resulted in five very worthy winners.

v)      Recruitment of a Secretary:  It was noted that the RJA&HS had agreed to offer a continuation of the Secretariat service to the Bureau with James Godfrey as the named Secretary with some suggestions for revised terms to be dealt with under item 5h.    

vi)    World Jersey Cheese Awards:  The Secretary gave an outline of the work undertaken since the idea was conceived last year.  The RJA&HS were organising the event as part of their Foire de Jersey Show, but the awards were being promoted as a WJCB initiative.  He had obtained £35,000 in sponsorship for establishing the event and infrastructure items which had taken some time to secure and therefore concentrated work began in February this year.  The fact that the world’s first product festival dedicated to a single breed had been achieved by the Jersey breed and put together in four months was due to the exceptional work of the event coordinator, and RJA&HS staff member, Deborah Midgley, who members will meet later in the week.  He would provide an update at the next session on the target he had set of obtaining 100 entries from 10 countries.  The judging would take place on Friday by a diverse panel of chefs, retailers and journalists and the winners announced on the Saturday at the Show.  A full report on the event would be circulated to the Officers with any recommendations.  Members were advised to view the dedicated web site www.jerseycheese.com.

vii)  Aims of the Bureau:  Much discussion on this took place as part of item 5ci. 

The Secretary’s report was adopted on the proposition of Poena van Niekerk, seconded by Peter Larson, with all in agreement.

5-d)   Treasurers report:  Steve Le Feuvre circulated the three year budget he had prepared in Brazil and explained that the actual results were in line with budgets.  He would update this for the Wednesday session to take account of any decisions taken.  The matter of downgrading the membership status of any country in arrears with its membership would be the subject of a proposition at the next session.  Roger Trewhella asked whether any figures for the Cheese Awards were included in this and it was confirmed that they were not as the event was being run by the RJA&HS although a full budget breakdown and report would be prepared on this event.  It was noted that the original concept had been to hold the awards every second year in the Island.  This report was adopted on the proposition of Derrick Frigot, seconded by Russell Gammon, with all in agreement.

5-e)   Approval of audited accounts for 2007:  Steve Le Feuvre provided an analysis of the audited accounts that had been previously circulated.  The surplus on the meetings last year of £3,564 and the agreement from the authorities in Jersey that the Bureau did not have to pay tax has left the bank position of £31,800.  The Bureau was in a good position financially with some £20,000 expected to be received from the conference this year.  The accounts were adopted on the proposition of Derrick Frigot, seconded by Russell Gammon, with all in agreement and were duly signed.

5-f)   Membership Fees for the year:  It was unanimously agreed that there should be no change in fees at £500 for Full National Members and £50 for National Associate Members.

5-g)   Appointment of auditors:  This item would be left for the next session in consideration of the revised budget. 

5-h)   Appointment of a Secretary:  Steve Le Feuvre, as President of the RJA&HS, explained that his Council had agreed to offer a continuation of the existing service to the Bureau.  This offer would be for a period of three years, until the 19th Conference in New Zealand, to provide some stability in the position whilst not restricting future options for the Bureau.  The Council felt firmly that the Bureau required much work in addressing its future role and establishing a proper status and therefore, in considering the work involved felt that a fee of £8,000 would be appropriate.  Russell Gammon expressed the view of the Officers that the service provided by the RJA&HS had been very valuable, professional and undertaken to a high degree of satisfaction.  He thanked the RJA&HS for the work that they had done.  This would be discussed further at the next session when updated budgets could be reviewed.

6)   Report of the Lord Jersey Research Trust:

Steve Le Feuvre circulated a statement of the Trust’s reserves at £22,690.  The aim remained to raise additional funds to secure the future of the Bureau and its work.  It was noted that the current trustees were the President, Patron, Derrick Frigot, Steve Le Feuvre and Lewis Rondel.  The President would resign as a trustee as he completed his term of office.  The remaining trustees were hopeful that the current Lord Jersey would accept the position and would be meeting him shortly. 

7)   To accept and vote on nominations for Officers of the Bureau. 

The Secretary explained that the Officers had agreed that all the nominations received were straightforward and would be recommended to the full Bureau meeting, except the nomination for the office of Vice President for Asia-Oceania.  The procedure for determining the recommendation of Council to the Bureau for the Vice Presidency for Asia-Oceania would be that the representatives of both countries would propose their candidate at the next session and a ballot would be taken according to the current rules.  It was noted that the voting members of Council consist of the current President, five Vice Presidents and 2 official delegates from each National Member. 

8)   To discuss future WJCB meetings:

a)      2009 - Annual Council Meeting in USA:

Cherie Bayer circulated a more detailed programme on the outline presented in Brazil.  This would be a very flexible programme that would allow for many points to join or leave the tour.  The meetings would be held in conjunction with the annual meetings of the AJCA and NAJ to ensure that as many US Jersey breeders had the opportunity to attend the WJCB meetings as possible.  A short conference would be held as an open session in the area focusing on profitability of Jerseys.  She asked for any feedback during he week on the plans.

b)      2010 - Annual Council Meeting in Albania:

Peter Larson reported that he had recently received visitors from Albania who are preparing for the visit in 2010.  It would be a very different programme for the Bureau, as following the end of the communist regime much of the infrastructure had gone and had been replaced by small herds.  The Jersey Association had been formed last year and they feel that the most they could manage would be a one week programme.  The possibility of adding another country should be looked at.  It was agreed that Derrick Frigot and Peter Larson would discuss this and report back to the next session.

c)      2011 - 19th International Conference, Annual Council Meeting & WJCB Meeting in New Zealand:

Maurice Pedley reported that plans were well advanced and a presentation will be made to the full Bureau meeting on Wednesday. 

9)   Any other business:

a)      To receive motion from Jersey Cattle Society of the UK:

A letter had been received and circulated which stated that the “JCS proposes that the WJCB is urged to establish a working group to explore the potential for enhancing the market of Jersey milk and its products, worldwide. WJCB should use its influences, with immediate effect and in every way available, to oppose actions which will restrict the overall market growth for Jersey milk and products. The current applications for Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status by the Jersey Dairy, on the Island of Jersey, for Jersey butter, Jersey black butter and Jersey yoghurt run counter to WJCB’S Objective b) – to assist individuals and organizations in promoting the interests of the Jersey breed, Jersey milk and meat.”

The President informed the meeting that this item would be discussed on Wednesday and invited delegates to talk to the UK representatives and listen to a presentation to be given by Jersey Dairy as part of the conference session on Monday.

The meeting was adjourned at 18.00.  The meeting reconvened at 07.00 on Wednesday 21st May at the same location. 

Members present:

Johannes Van Eeden (President, South Africa), Derrick Frigot (Vice President Europe, Jersey), Russell Gammon (Vice President North America, Canada), Gonzalo Maldonado (Vice President Latin America, Colombia), Richard Gibson (Vice President Oceania, New Zealand), Poena van Niekerk (Vice President for Africa, South Africa), Steve Le Feuvre (Treasurer, Jersey), James Godfrey (Secretary, Jersey), Cherie Bayer (USA), Paul Houzé (Jersey), Massaru Kashiwagi (Brazil), Don Dawes (UK), Mark Taylor (UK), Roger Trewhella (UK), Anne Corner (UK), Wikus van der Merwe (South Africa), Peter Larson (Denmark), Daan van Niekerk (South Africa), Tim Sneddon (New Zealand), Brian Carter (New Zealand), Bruce Conochie (New Zealand), Kevin Trotman (Australia), Ian Anderson (Australia), Winsome Anderson (Australia), Anders Levering (Denmark), Roger Taylor (UK), Janna Remond (Canada), Theogen Rutagwenda (Rwanda), Peter Ness (Australia), Scott Joynson (Australia), Agustin Robredo (Argentina), Richard Leith (Jersey), David Chamberlain (USA). 

Matters carried forward from the last session:

5-c-i)    Review of constitution: The President welcomed Advocate Steven Meiklejohn, the legal advisor to the RJA&HS that the Secretary had arranged to attend the meeting to describe to members the suggested way forward to formally establish the Bureau, a copy of the correspondence is attached to these minutes in the file.

            Advocate Mieklejohn summarised the advice in his letter explaining that there were two possible alternatives to registering the Bureau in Jersey.  It could be formed as a charitable trust; although this did not give the Bureau a legal personality and would open members to liability.  The recommended option was to incorporate the Bureau before the Royal Court, which is a straightforward process and would provide the Bureau with a legal personality.  The only consideration is that every time the Council wished to amend the constitution it would have to apply again to the Court, however, the way round this is to incorporate with a very simple constitution and refer to a set of regulations that the Council may vary as it wished. 

            There was some discussion and the Council agreed, under the proposition of Richard Gibson and seconded by Russell Gammon, to proceed with incorporation in Jersey under the Loi (1862) sur les teneures en fidéicommis et l’incorporation d’associations. 

            The President thanked Advocate Meiklejohn for his clear explanations and guidance.  Advocate Meiklejohn wished the Bureau well and would proceed with arrangements in consultation with the Secretary, he then left the meeting.

5-c-iii)  International Youth Scholarship:  After a short discussion it was agreed, under a proposition from Russell Gammon and seconded by Derrick Frigot, that the Secretary and Anne Corner should prepare a short paper on options for the future and report back to the officers for a decision.

5-c-iv)  World Jersey Cheese Awards:  The Secretary was able to update the meeting that the final entries were in excess of 100 from exactly 10 countries and that the target had been met.  The President commented that it had been a remarkable achievement and congratulated the RJA&HS and all those who had helped turn this idea into a reality.

5-d)      Treasurer’s report:  The Treasurer circulated a revised budget for 2008 to 2010.  The Council approved the budget on the proposition of Derrick Frigot and seconded by Russell Gammon.  The matter of member country members in arrears was left in abeyance with the regional Vice-Presidents to meet with the Treasurer to discuss how this could be addressed.

5-g)      Appointment of Auditors:  Messers Alex Picot were reappointed on the proposition of Steve Le Feuvre and seconded by Gonzalo Maldonado.  Although it was noted that once the new constitution was in place the requirement for audit standards would be considered to see if savings could be affected.

5-h)      Appointment of a Secretary:  The Treasurer summarised the RJA&HS Council offer and noted that the proposed increase in fee had been included in the budget for 2008 to 2010 and that it also included any postage costs.  The Council agreed to the appointment of James Godfrey as the named Secretary with the offices of the RJA&HS providing a secretariat on the proposition of Derrick Frigot and seconded by Russell Gammon.

7)         Officers of the Bureau:  The President asked representatives of Australia and New Zealand to speak on their candidate for the office of Vice-President for Asia- Oceania.

            For Australia Peter Ness spoke of his involvement with the Jersey breed and Jersey associations as well as his other business experience.  For New Zealand Brian Carter proposed John Bailey citing his active and large involvement with the Jersey breed and his successful previous career in international business.  There was a ballot of official country representatives and 12 votes were cast for Peter Ness and 11 votes cast for John Bailey.  The Council recommendation to the full Bureau would therefore be for Peter Ness to be elected Vice-President for Asia-Oceania

            The President noted that the Senior Vice-President is the officer in whose region the next conference is being held.

8-b)   2010 - Annual Council Meeting in Albania:

It was agreed that Derrick Frigot and Peter Larson would explore the possibility of adding another European country to the Albania meetings & tour to extend the programme and report back to the officers for a decision.

9-a)   Motion from Jersey Cattle Society of the UK:

After some discussion it was agreed, under a proposition from Don Dawes and seconded by Poena van Niekerk, that the Bureau establish a working party to consider the issues.  It was also agreed, under a proposition from Russell Gammon and seconded by Roger Trewhella, that the new officer team establish the working party.

9)   Any further business:

   The President thanked the meeting for completing the business set out on the agenda and asked if members had any other items of business they wished to discuss.

9-b)   2014 – 20th International Conference – South Africa:  Poena van Niekerk thanked the Council for accepting the invitation of Jersey South Africa to host the 20th Conference in South Africa and said that an outline plan was being prepared.

9-c)   Debate on importation of semen by Jersey Island:  David Chamberlain asked whether the Bureau had an ‘official;’ view on this matter.  It was agreed that, as Bureau policy was not to interfere with internal domestic affairs, the Bureau would make no comment on the issue.  That said, individual delegates are free to express their opinions.

9-d)   Vote of thanks:  Derrick Frigot proposed a vote of thanks to the retiring President for his exceptional work both for, and on behalf of, the Bureau during his term of office.  The proposition was carried unanimously and with applause.  The President thanked the Council and particularly the Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and Secretary for their support and assistance.

9-e)   Aims of the Bureau:  Peter Larson agreed with the statements in the Secretary’s report highlighting the need to re-examine the aims of the Bureau.  He felt that the International Junior Showmanship competition could be revived and made part of the responsibility of the Bureau in conference years only.  Russell Gammon explained that it had been easy for Canada in 2005 as the Bureau conference had coincided with their National Youth Show and so adding a class for international youth had been easy and attracted 11 entries.  This would be considered in drafting the new rules and associated documentation including the Memorandum between the Bureau and the host country.

9-f)   60th Anniversary of the Bureau in 2011:  Peter Larson suggested that the Bureau consider publishing an up to date history of the breed to mark this occasion.  He noted that Hans Norgaard was well advanced in the preparation of his work.  It was agreed that Peter Larson would assemble a team to bring a proposal to the Council next year to include how such a publication might be financed.

9-g)   Promoting growth:  Agustin Robredo, picking up on the theme of the Secretary’s report of examining the aims of the Bureau, suggested that each full member country be asked to prepare a report on why the Jersey breed is expanding in their country.  These could then be posted on the web site and help all countries to promote further growth in the breed.

9-f)   Rwanda:  Theogen Rutagwenda thanked the Bureau for the invitation for Rwanda to attend the conference and commented on the success of the Jersey breed in his country the profound effect it was having for the population.

9-g)   Honour Role:  Ian Anderson suggested that the Bureau establish an Honour Role of Presidents in the Bureau office.  The Council agreed.

9-h)   New President:  Johannes van Eeden congratulated Snr. Maldonado on his election as the new President, who would take office at the end of the current conference programme.  Gonzalo Maldonado thanked the Council for his election as the new President and explained that it was an honour for him personally and his country to take up this position. 

There was no further business and the President thanked those attending and closed the meeting at 09.00.

To be signed on adoption by the Chairman of the meeting:…………………………………  Date:...………….




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