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Treasurer's Report for the 2009 Council Meeting in Syracuse, USA

by Stephen Le Feuvre (Jersey Island)

During the Council Meetings held in Jersey in May 2008, a new three year budget was approved which set the financial course for the Bureau until the end of 2011, and will act as a discipline tool for the Council, as did the previous budget.

Country Member Fees – The collection of country member fees continues to be a problem, particularly from the Associate members of the Bureau. The auditors have for many years flagged this up as an issue that needs attention, and therefore for the completion of the 2008 this was addressed by the Treasurer and Secretary.

Levy on the 2008 Conference – With one of the most successful conferences staged for many years, the contribution from Jersey Island based on the levied fees from delegate came to an amazing £24,367. This has had a tremendous positive impact on the Bureau’s financial position, as predicted in the 2006-2008 budget.

Sir James Knott Trust – As the was no activity during 2008 with the Youth Travel Scholarship Programme, there was no amount forthcoming from this Jersey-based fund.

Life Membershps – These continue to decline, with just one paid-up new life membership during 2008.

Salaries   -  2008 was the first full year of payment for the Secretariat service provides by the RJA&HS (Jersey Island).

Audit fee  - This has stabilised to £1,050 but savings on this will be sought during 2009

Professional Fees – this was £1,515 for legal advice given to the Council regarding the Constitution of the WJCB, and is on-going with a further £1,500 budgeted to the completion of the project which will mean formal registration of the Bureau with the Royal Court of Jersey.

Unrecoverable subscriptions  -  This year it has been decided to “write-off” an amount of £4,498 in subscriptions, mostly of associate members, as the countries concerned have not responded to reminders over a number of years.

The Bureau finds itself in a very healthy position financially, largely because of an extremely large conference in Jersey in 2008 and the levy on attendees that this produced.

The issue of collection of life membership fees is still in evidence, as is the annual subscription fees for many associate member countries.

The Youth Travel Scholarship is dormant at present, but we must seek a solution and way forward for this extremely important part of the Bureau’s activities.

Respectfully submitted, 

Stephen V. Le Feuvre
(Honorary Treasurer, World Jersey Cattle Bureau)                                             June 2009

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