Welcome to the World Jersey Cattle Bureau



Held at 08:00 am on Friday 3rd July 2009

At the Double Tree Hotel, Syracuse, New York, USA


1)   President’s Welcome:

Dr. Gonzalo Maldonado, President WJCB, welcomed the delegates to the meeting of the WJCB held during the Annual Council Meetings.  He congratulated the organisers and the host association for the 2009 programme, the American Jersey Cattle Association, noting that some 48 delegates had registered from 15 countries.

2)   Apologies for absence: 

Some 90 members and observers were present including: Dr. Gonzalo Maldonado (President, Colombia), Derrick Frigot (Vice President Europe, Jersey), Dr. Cherie Bayer (Vice President North America, USA), Peter Ness (Vice President Oceania, Australia), Johannes van Eeden (Vice President for Africa, South Africa), Steve Le Feuvre (Treasurer, Jersey), James Godfrey (Secretary, Jersey), Roger Trewhella (UK), Peter Larson (Denmark), Richard Leith (Jersey), Lloyd Wilson (New Zealand), Russell Gammon (Canada), Carlos Salas (Colombia), Diego Sierra (Colombia), John Bailey (New Zealand), Neal Smith (USA), Wikus van der Merwe (South Africa), Augustin Robredo (Argentina), Rodney Dobson (New Zealand), David Chamberlain (USA), Ian Anderson (Australia), Winsome Anderson (Australia), Larry Benson (USA), Bob Bignami (USA), Gaston Solari Loudet (Costa Rica), John Wilk (USA), Suzanne Le Feuvre (Jersey).

Apologies were received from: Anne Perchard (Patron, Jersey), Massaru Kashiwagi (Vice President Latin America, Brazil), Anne Corner (UK), Andres Levering (Denmark), Dean Sayles (Canada), Maurice Core (USA).

3)   Notice of the meeting:

Notice of the meeting was read having been called according to the Constitution.

4)   To approve the minutes of the last meeting held in Jersey, May 2008:

The minutes had been posted on the web site and were adopted by unanimous approval on the proposition of Russell Gammon and seconded by Peter Larson.

5)   Matters arising from the minutes of last meeting:

There were no matters arising from the minutes that would not be covered by items on the agenda. 

6)   Bureau Business:

All the reports had been posted on the web site.

6-a)   President’s report:  Dr Maldonado gave a summary of his report for 2008. 

6-b)   Council’s (Vice President’s) reports:  The report from the regional Vice-Presidents for 2008 had been posted on the web site and each Vice President gave a verbal summary of the status of the breed in their regions. 

6-c)   Secretary’s report:  This had been posted on the web site and had formed much of the basis of discussion at the Council Meetings. 

6-d)   Treasurer’s report:  This had also been posted on the web site along with the audited accounts for the year end 31/12/2008 which had been approved at the Council Meeting. 

The President asked for questions or comments on the reports.  There were none and the reports were all adopted.

6-e)   Confirmation of amendments to Constitution:  The President informed the meeting that the Council had reviewed a draft new constitution that would be registered with the Royal Court of Jersey as part of the process of incorporation.  This had been circulated to the member associations and the Council had approved the draft at its meeting on Wednesday 1st July 2009, subject to any minor changes that may be requested by the Law Officers of the Royal Court.  The President asked for the Bureau to approve the draft.  This was proposed by Russell Gammon and seconded by Roger Trewhella with unanimous approval.

7)   To discuss future WJCB Meetings:

7-a)   2010 Annual Meeting in Albania:  Derrick Frigot gave a summary of the planned programme commending what he believed to be a very interesting and different programme to members of the Bureau,

7-b)   2011 19th International Conference in New Zealand:  Full details of this will be published in the near future with the main conference starting on 6th February until the 14th February.  Various post conference Study Tours will travel through the country until the 1st March.

7-c)   2012 Annual Meeting in Kenya / Rwanda:  Johannes van Eeden is to research the possibility of holding the annual meetings in this region.

7-d)   2013 Annual Meeting in Japan / China:  Derrick Frigot is to research the possibility of holding the annual meetings in this region.

7-e)   2014 20th International Conference in South Africa:  An outline of the programme, which is likely to be in September, will be presented at teh meetings next year. 

8)   Any other business:

       8-a)   World Jersey Cheese Awards:

                 Plans for the development of this flagship programme for the Bureau were discussed and a short film of the inaugural Awards held in 2008 was shown.  The competition has a dedicated web site at www.jerseycheese.com on which full details are posted.

There was no further business and the President thanked those attending and closed the meeting at 09.00 hrs.

To be signed on adoption by the Chairman of the meeting:

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