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Report of the Vice President for North America


The American Jersey Cattle Association is pleased to be hosting the 2009 Council meeting, in conjunction with the Annual Meetings of the American Jersey Cattle Association and our milk marketing organization, National All-Jersey Inc.  We are looking forward to welcoming more than 60 people from 14 countries who will be attending one or more parts of the program.

The Jersey business is booming in North America along parallel tracks, as you will read in the following excerpts from the 2008 annual reports of Jersey Canada and the USJersey organizations.


There is every reason why the atmosphere at Jersey meetings and in the Jersey Canada office and on Jersey farms across Canada should crackle and pulse with great positive energy and thanksgiving and anticipation and expectancy!  Consider where we have been in recent times...

  • Highest membership in 2008 since 1968, forty years, a full four decades ago! A 60% increase in Jersey Canada memberships since 2000! 
  • 715 new herd prefix registrations from January 2004 to February 2009! With 540 of those being added in January 2006 to February 2009!
  • Highest number of Jersey classified in recent history in 2008 with a 38% increase over 2005 the year the Multi-Breed Classification Program was born!
  • An 80% increase in the number of Canadian milk-recorded dairy herds containing Jerseys since 2001!
  • A 10% increase in the number of registered Jerseys on milk recording since 2001!
  • Four consecutive years of record numbers of young Jersey sires entering sampling programs in Canada! 
  • Third best year in the last two decades for registrations in 2008!
  • A new record of 52% of registrations submitted electronically in 2008!

This information represents the foundation upon which we build. As we move forward it is the beginning of a new year in Jersey Canada’s now 108 year young history!

When we arrive at points like this we have to ask ourselves. What if? What if there is so much more out there for the Jersey cow in Canada?

Let’s define some key “what if” questions and then define what will result if the “what if” becomes reality!

What if.....our membership numbers keep growing and we hit 1,000 members in the near future? It will be even easier “to make the word Jersey as highly visible as possible”!

What if.....Jersey classification numbers continue to grow at a good clip? We’ll have proof positive that Jersey numbers are growing and there will be more data for sire-proving!

What if....the numbers of registered Jerseys on milk recording keep climbing? More great data for sire-proving!

What if....the number of young Jersey sires entering sampling keeps climbing and setting even more new records?? Genetic progress will spike upward, there will be greater genetic diversity available and we’ll have more profitable cows in the population!! All good!

What if.....Our percentage of registrations submitted electronically rises to 55%, 60%, 65%, 70 to 75%? Our operations will be that much more efficient, turnaround time will drop even further and we’ll be able to devote staff resources to other functions and services!

What if....the number of milk-recorded herds containing Jerseys keeps rising at a mighty rate and we see 15%, 20%, 25%, 30% or more of Canadian dairy herds containing Jerseys??? Markets for Jersey genetics and Jersey Canada services will expand greatly!!

What if.....Jersey-The Next Generation seminars grow in numbers of events and attendance?? More young people will feel they belong in the Jersey breed and will be motivated to become more active in the breed! Relationships will blossom!!

What if...Our new Mentoring Program takes off? New Jersey owners will receive a very solid grounding in Jersey basics and will be much more likely to be successful with the breed-thus spurring more growth!!

There’s no doubt in my mind that all of these “what ifs” will become realities. As they do actualize we’ll see some very positive bottom lines result. Nothing breeds success like success.

Russell G. Gammon, Executive Secretary


2008 went into the record books as the best in history for the USJersey organizations: the American Jersey Cattle Association, National All-Jersey Inc. and Jersey Marketing Service.

  • Using actual yield information, National DHI reported that a record 197,928 Jersey cows on official testing plans produced an average of 16,489 lbs. milk, 761 lbs. fat and 594 lbs. protein. This is a gain of 12% for milk, 11% for fat and 7% for protein over the last decade.
  • The AJCA processed 78,224 lactations, an 8.5% gain over 2007. Production per cow was 18,457 lbs. milk, 847 lbs. fat and 660 lbs. protein on a 305-day, 2x mature equivalent basis. Actual cheese yield per lactation increased to a record 2,003 pounds.
  • The National Association of Animal Breeders reported that Jersey semen sales totaled 2,841,960 units, 14.5% greater than the previous record year of 2007. Domestic sales increased 12% to 1,809,739 units. Another 1,032,221 doses were exported, a 19% increase from 2007. Since 1997, Jersey has been the only breed to record continuous annual growth in domestic semen sales. In 12 years, domestic semen sales have increased by 183% and today, Jersey’s domestic market share stands at 8.4%.
  • In 2008, the average price paid for Registered Jerseys™ sold at public auction was $2,303.07, second to the all-time record of $2,435.42 set in 2007.
  • 2008’s registration count of 94,774 was a 19.2% increase from the previous year, and erased the previous all-time record set in 1953 by 7,092 animals. 2008 was the fifth consecutive year that registrations exceeded 70,000.
  • 71% of applications were processed electronically, the highest percentage ever achieved. Use of double-matching Association-approved ear tags for permanent ID increased, to 29,678, or 31% of registrations.
  • A 6% increase was recorded in AJCA performance program enrollment, establishing the new record of total cows enrolled on December 31 at 128,446. The number of herds using these services increased to 1,157, up 7% from 2007.
  • REAP herd enrollment grew 10% from 2007, for a year-end total of 862 herds. The number of cows enrolled at December 31 was 123,656, a 7% increase.
  • Double-digit growthundefined12%undefinedwas achieved in linear type appraisal, with 77,240 scores and breakdowns made by the appraisal team in 1,583 herd visits during 2008.
  • The Jersey Journal, the only monthly publication in the world devoted to the Jersey breed, published 1,196 pages in 2008. Use of REAP advertising incentives increased, the result being 601 pages of purchased advertising, the best year on record since 1990.
  • Including a record $596,697 invested during 2008 by 1,135 participants, over $7.5 million has been directed to National All-Jersey Inc. to support its mission of improving the value of and demand for Jersey milk and Jersey cattle.
  • Jersey Marketing Service (JMS), a wholly owned subsidiary of NAJ, followed up its record-setting year in 2007 to market 4,807 lots in 2008 with a value of $9,394,212. This ranks as the fourth best year in company history, with the average selling price of $1,954.28 ranking second all-time. Public sale management generated $5,923,912 for 2,973 lots in 19 sales. Private treaty transactions of 1,804 head involved 67 sellers, with cattle moving to 47 buyers located in 18 states. Since January 1, 2000, Jersey Marketing Service has sold 50,525 lots for a total value of $83.3 million.

The AJCA and NAJ Boards made key investments in program development, member services, marketing and research, and undertook a new initiative to develop our human capital. These included:

•·         Significant levels of funding to contribute to the research and development of genome-enhanced genetic evaluations, including testing all consignments to the National Heifer Sale, approximately 200 legacy cows and an additional 600 proven Jersey bulls;

•·         Roll-out of JerseyLink, a customized software program that interfaces herd management software with the AJCA database, as an added-value REAP service;

•·         Introduction of a new Queen of Quality® brand program to expand producer opportunities to market products made exclusively from Jersey milk; and

•·         Research support to obtain technical and consumer evaluations of Jersey beef quality and sensory characteristics.

•·         Creation of Jersey Youth Academy with a mission to attract, educate and retain talented young people for careers in the Jersey dairy business. The syndication of BW Academy-ET, donated by Brentwood Farms of Orland, Calif., raised $96,125 for the initiative. By December 31, more than $113,000 had been committed to the program.

This happened only because today, our beautiful Jersey cow commands industry-wide respect and admiration for her productivity, longevity and profitability. That, in turn, explains why the Jersey population in the U.S. is growing at an accelerating pace.

The records of 2008 are not simply great accomplishments. They are now the basis by which the future performance of the USJersey organizations will be measured. At the same time, the demand for Jersey cattle and genetics has raised our expectations for breed growth.

We are moving boldly into the future, because:

“We have an animal that is smaller, uses fewer natural resources and produces a smaller carbon footprint. We have a cow with a longer productive life that produces a more nutrient-rich milk that consumers are demanding and are willing to pay for. Jersey is our Queen of Quality® and the future of a successful dairy industry.”  President James Ahlem, 2008 NAJ Annual Meeting

Neal Smith, Executive Secretary and Chief Executive Officer

Respectfully submitted

Dr Cherie L. Bayer

Vice President for North America

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