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2009 Report of the Vice President for Asia-Oceania


The global financial crisis and recession, has had a huge impact on the dairy industry in our region, especially in the second half of the financial year.  The economic pressures, together with the added strain of drought, have made a lot more dairy farmers unviable.  Milk production however, for the year 2008-2009 in Australia & New Zealand will be up slightly, approx 1-2% on the previous year.

In Australia, registrations for the year 2008-2009, were up approximately 10% and classifications were up too.  A sign of things to come though, shows that memberships for 2009-2010 are running 10% down on the previous year.

Australia’s national body, Jersey Australia, became operational on 1st September, 2009, with a national board of 10 members and chaired by Trevor Saunders from Victoria.  Jersey Australia held it’s Inaugural Annual General Meeting in Moama, on the banks of the River Murray, and was hosted by the Northern Jersey Cattle Club of Victoria.  Special Guest for this event was Jersey Canada’s, Mr Russell Gammon.  Russell also spent some time in New Zealand.  The Jersey Australia website is also proving to be quite popular, with the AUSTRALIAN JERSEY JOURNAL receiving over 200 hits per month of publication, and the JERSEY AUSTRALIA HANDBOOK at about 70 hits per month.

New Zealand Jersey, appointed Jenny Taylor as their new General Manager, and during the year revamped their publication, JERSEY REVIEW.  With a rebranded logo, New Zealand Jersey now has a fresh new look.

The Major Dairy Show in Australia is, International Dairy Week held in Tatura, Victoria.  Held annually in January, this year’s international judge was Mr. Ashley Fleming from Northern Ireland.  International Dairy Week attracts an amazing number of international visitors each year.

The price of Jersey Cattle has remained high throughout the year although cattle exports have slowed because of financial restraints.  For the first time, cattle were exported to Pakistan.

Tahney King of Australia has received a WJCB Youth Travel Scholarship, and is off to Canada at the end of June 2009.  Thanks to Russell Gammon for organising her itinerary in Canada.

In February, parts of Victoria were devastated by severe bushfires.  Fortunately none of our Jersey Members lost their lives in the fires, unlike so many others.  However there were some members who suffered stock and property losses.  I would like to thank the Jersey fraternity for their prayers and well wishes during this tragic time.

One of the success stories of the World Jersey Cheese Awards, (held on Jersey Island last year), has been the Alexandrina Cheese Company.  Their award, has given them some wonderful publicity on radio and in national magazines.

Before closing there are two points that I would like to be discussed at the WJCB  AGM;

  • The need to review the structure of the youth travel scholarship.
  • With various genomics research projects in progress around the world, the WJCB Council should investigate the possibility of setting up a Global Jersey DNA Data Base.

I am really looking forward to meeting and renewing acquaintances in America.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter Ness

Vice President for Asia-Oceania

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