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Norway is more than seven times larger than Denmark but with nearly 70% of the country covered by mountains, ice and lakes, less than one million hectares are farmed. Farm support in Norway, which is an oil-rich country, is the most protected and highly subsidized in the world and with the average farm size of only 10 hectares, this is necessary to keep much of the southern part of the country in agriculture. Farming contributes less than 3% to the country’s Gross National Product. The first Jerseys in Norway were three pregnant heifers imported from the Island of Jersey in 1900, and these were followed by various imports from Denmark and Jersey. Later, bulls were imported from England, Sweden and in 1985, forty bulls from Denmark. Since 1985 all semen used in Norway has been imported from Denmark and the two countries have a shared interest in the proving of young bulls. Today, Jerseys represent a very small percentage of the country’s 300,000-plus dairy cows, but the popularity of the breed is increasing, due to a major change in milk pricing in 2003.

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