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The first Jerseys arrived in France in the middle of the 19th Century, and the first Jersey breed association was formed in 1903.

In 2010, there were 886 farms with Jerseys, with 6,142 cows officially milk recorded and from them 3,727 are pure bred recorded at Jersiaise France.  

2009 recorded lactations:

Days in milk     344
Milk (kilos)     5,819 (mature equivalent)
% Butterfat     5.58
Kgs Butterfat     325
% Protein (true protein)     3.83 / 0.95 = 4.03 (crude protein)
Kgs Protein     223

Farming systems vary across the country. In northern France, dairy farming is more intensive, with the feeding of maize silage and concentrates, and cows spending most of their time in free stalls. In the south, grazing systems are predominant.

Jersey cow numbers are on the increase nationally, as younger breeders see the advantages of the breed. Imports come mainly from Denmark

"Fabuleuse", lifetime production of 125,000 Kgs of milk at 7% solids

"Vanille" (Counciller) Grand Champion National Show 2009

Breeder Prize at the National Show 2009

All Exhibitors at the National Show 2009


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