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Asociación Jersey del Ecuador (AJE) was accepted as an association May 8 th, 1961. The first animals were imported from Canada and the United States.

The history of this breed could be divided in two parts. The first one between 1961 and the late eighties. The breed mainly developed in the Andean region especially in the Province of Chimborazo. Today, one of the important Jersey shows takes place in Chimborazo's capital Riobamba each April.

Following international patterns during the late eighties and early nineties there is a 2nd boom of Jersey Cattle. Cattle were imported not only from The US and Canada but also from New Zealand, Costa Rica and Colombia. This time the breed expanded well into the whole country.

By the end of 2002 Patricio Maldonado, ex president of AJE announced an increase of 5% in the number of members which assured Jerseys as the 2 nd most important milking breed of Ecuador. AJE has approximate 123 members (2004 statistics) and offers services such as registration of purebred animals, classification of animals, a genetic recovery program which started in 1990. An aditional service; jointly with other milking breed associations, is the publication of the magazine "Razas Lecheras".

The number of registered Jerseys sums up to a total of 5350 females and 2218 males (2004 statistics), 1012 animals under the Genetic Recovery Programme (GRP)and 1135 identified animals (First step of GRP).

Dairy farming in Ecuador varies from temperate climate of the Andes to the hot and humid weather of the coast and Amazon jungle. The altitude range goes from sea level to well over 3000 meters. Dairy farming is usually pasture based although most dairy farmers do supplement concentrates. As a curiosity it should be said that a common feed is bananas, which is a by product of the banana export industry of this country.

By Miguel Proaño Merchán


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*Informe Gremial: Revista Razas Lecheras N 9; pg 20

*Mss Maite Castellanos: Milking breeds association secretary


Jersey cows next to Chimborazo volcano at an altitude of 3,600 metres


Casilla #17-08-8230, Quito, Ecuador
E-mail: asojerseyecuador@yahoo.es

President: Martin Jaramillo
E-mail: asojerseyecuador@yahoo.es
Vice President: Anibal Coronel

Principal Directors:
Ing. Edwin Alzamora
Carlos Fiallos

Executive Secretary: Pilar García Michilena


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