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Jerseys arrived in the USA in 1657, the first coming from Swan Farm, Jersey Island. The American Jersey Cattle Club (now Association) was organized in 1868 in Rhode Island, and established offices in New York City. The offices are now located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, a suburb of the capitol city Columbus.

As of January 1, 2009, the population of living registered (pedigree-recorded) Jersey was estimated at 460,000. The number of unregistered and Jersey-sired crossbreds is more than double that number.

Jerseys are now producing in one of every 5 herds in located in the United States. U.S. artificial breeding (A.I.) companies marketing Jersey semen reported all-time record sales of 1.5 million units in the domestic market, and another 870,000 units exported for 2007 (2008 figures not available).

Although the U.S. Jersey population is growing rapidly, demand for Jerseys far exceeds supply.

The American Jersey Cattle Association is the world’s largest Jersey breed association and promotes Jersey breed improvement through pedigree recording, production testing, type evaluation, and the application of advanced research and genetic evaluations. Current membership is over 2,300 adult members, with another 2,500 young people enjoying the benefits of junior membership.

Highlights for 2008 include:

  • 94,774 registrations … 7,092 animals more than the previous all-time record (87,682, 1953)
  • 128,446 cows enrolled on production and type evaluation programs … another all-time record.
  • All-time records for production of  18,457 lbs. (8,370 kg.) milk, 847 lbs. (385 kg.) fat, and 660 lbs. (300 kg.) protein (305-2x-m.e.) on 78,224 lactation records processed.
  • 77,240 type evaluation scores assigned … an all-time record for the association.

Its marketing organizationsundefinedNational All-Jersey Inc. and Jersey Marketing Serviceundefinedare essential to Jersey breed growth in the United States. Through NAJ work, multiple component pricing was implemented in national marketing orders in 2000. Since that time, Jersey Marketing Service has assisted buyers with the purchase of over 50,500 Jerseys for a total value of $83,283,550.

For the 2007 Annual Report of the USJersey organizations, visit:

For a historical review, visit:

For current genetic evaluations on U.S. Jerseys, visit:

Publication Title: Jersey Journal
Frequency:  Monthly
Price for subscriptions mailed outside of the U.S.:  US$45 / year surface mail international

Mission statement: To improve and promote the Jersey breed of cattle

Jerseys excel on pasture in the United States ..... Clover Patch Jerseys in Ohio,
to be visited during the WJCB 2009 tour

The greatest show on earth ..... The All American Jersey Show
- at the head of the line, the 2008 National Grand Champion, Ratliff Price Alicia

One of the largest Jersey herds in the world ..... Ahlem Farms in Hilmar, California

Scenes like this dot the landscape across America ..... as Jerseys and Jersey-sired crossbreds
make up a larger portion of the U.S. dairy herd

Jerseys at California Polytechnic State University ..... contributing to research on all fronts,
from genetics and management, to product development and manufacturing

New marketing directions for products made from 100% Jersey milk
..... a new Queen of Quality™ label was introduced in 2008 by National All-Jersey Inc.

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