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Denmark has the largest Jersey cattle population in Europe with 66,000 pure bred and milk recorded Jersey cows. The breed represents about 13% of all Danish dairy cattle.

Credited with the highest production of butterfat in the world, the 2009 national average for the purebred recorded Jerseys is 6,615 kg milk with 392 kg fat (5.93%) 270 kg protein (4.08%).

Annually, semen from approximately 55 young bulls is used for test inseminations and 32% of all inseminations involve young sire semen. Denmark is a major exporter of Jersey genetics and most national Jersey herds in mainland Europe are founded on Danish Jerseys. Danish Jersey exported 250,000 doses of semen (to 32 different countries) and 730 heifers in 2009. Danish Jersey has used sexed semen since December 2004. In 2009 18% of the semen used (proven bulls) was sexed semen.

In 2009 Genomic Selection was introducted. Now all animals selected for the National breeding program are among the best genomic tested- both bulls and heifers (potential bull dams).

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