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The Australian Jersey accounts for about 14% of all dairy cattle and about 40% of pedigree registered dairy cows. 275,000 Jerseys are farmed in Australia of which approximately 175,000 are pure Jersey, the balance being cross-bred cattle. Most Jerseys are kept on a pasture system. The national production average is 4,649 kgs milk 4.94% fat 229 kgs fat 3.76% protein 175 kgs protein in 299 days.
The Jersey has catapulted into major prominence in Australia recently, follwing the hard times of the ‘80s and ‘90s mainly because it out-produces Holsteins “per hectare” and milk payment systems are rewarding milk with higher component levels per litre.
The Australian Jersey Breeders Society celebrated its centenary in 1999 and hosted the 15th International Conference of the World Jersey Cattle Bureau. They have about 1,200 members with branches in Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.


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