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The Island of Jersey

The Jersey breed originated in the Island of Jersey and today the home of the breed has 25 herds farmed in modern units averaging 114 cows each.

The Island has prevented the importation of semen and live animals for over 200 years, and in July 2008 the law was changed to allow for the importation of bull semen. Many local breeders are now using imported semen from some of the world's top Jersey bulls, and to register calves with the Jersey Herd Book, the semen being imported has to have passed through stringent health and DNA testing, and the pedigree of the bulls must be pure pedigree Jersey for at least 7 generations, and there must also be no indication of any other breed having been introduced further back. 

All cattle in Jersey are pedigree registered and officially milk recorded.  The average production per cow for 2012/13 milk year was 4,914 kg milk, 5.26% Butterfat, 3.71% Protein. Traditionally, the Island has exported cattle and semen to all parts of the world, and still does so today.

The RJA&HS provides all regular activities of a breed association as well as organising livestock shows and herd competitions. It’s headquarters, which houses the “World Jersey Library” and the office of the World Jersey Cattle Bureau, was opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in July 2001.

The Society holds two cattle shows each year - The Spring in June and the Autumn Show in October, please contact us for dates.


Prides Julian Alicia (bred by Mr P M Houze) - Supreme Champion over Jersey - Spring 2013

Prides Action Blondville (bred by Mr P M Houze) - Supreme Champion over Jersey - Autumn 2013 

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