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The first group of Jersey Cattle was imported to Colombia from the United States in 1946 by Mr. Miguel Lopez Pumarejo, a traditional dairy farmer whose farm was located on the Sabana de Bogotá in the centre of the country. Beautiful plains at a very high altitude, approximately 2650 metres over sea level. Five years later a second group of cattle was imported by the extension office of the Agricultural Ministry with the purpose to serve as a base to crossbreed with the Criollo or native cattle.

The Jersey cattle are spread all over the country at different altitudes and climates; from the hot low lands (at sea level) through to the cold high mountains (at 3000 metres altitude). The main regions with the highest cattle population are: the high plains of the Sabana de Bogotá, the mountains of Santander and Antioquia, a vast area where the coffee plantations used to be called Coffee Axis, the valley of the Cauca River and the vast plains of the East the Llanos Orientales.

On October 6, 1980 the Asociación Colombiana de Criadores de Ganado Jersey ASOJERSEY, was founded by several dairy farmers who owned Jersey cattle imported by themselves from the United States and Costa Rica.

Since that time, several imports from Canada, the United States and Costa Rica have increased the number of Jerseys in the country. The breeders have been using genetic material from Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Jersey Island and Denmark.

On December 6, 2005 the association celebrated its 25th anniversary. At the present time, May 2006, the Association has issued more than 12,800 pure bred registers of females, more than 1000 male registers and nearly 1,000 female Jersey crossbreeding registers.

The association has been promoting the participation of its members in the different cattle shows in several regions of the country. Many shows have had judges from different countries. Every year a national show is programmed in a city designated by the Board of Directors. Every two years, in the odd years during the last week of July, Agroexpo, the biggest Agricultural show of the country takes place in Bogotá, the capital of the country. In the even years, the association participates with its Jersey show at Expounaga in Bogotá on July.

A classification program is followed by the members; two classifiers are actually approved by the association. We are currently classifying more than 400 first lactation heifers per year. The new registers issued per year are about 800.

The production average is estimated in 4500 kilograms in 305 day lactations at mature age, with an average of 3.5% Protein and 4.7% fat. The Colombian Jersey cattle population is estimated in 8000 head.

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