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Report from the Secretary 2012


This report covers period between the 19th International Conference and Council Meetings in New Zealand in February 2011 to date, together with an update on any action points agreed. 


Since 2008 much of the resource available to the Bureau provided by the RJA&HS has been expended on some of the basic, but necessary, items of structural reorganisation, e.g. incorporation and adoption of new constitution, establishment of entirely web based administration and communication and new book keeping arrangements.  Now that these have been completed the Secretary monitored the time expended in providing the basic Bureau secretariat and concluded that an adjustment could be made in the fee charged to the Bureau for this service to reflect the reduced time required.  This represents a reduction of approximately 37% and is detailed further in the report of the Treasurer.

Bureau strategy

The Secretariat has continued to support the key themes of the Bureau strategy:

1.        Communication: 

The website provided through the Wild Apricot hosting service has been updated to include papers from the conference and greater exposure of the members associations.  That said, regular information from each association would be welcome to enable regularly updated information to be posted. 

The site, which is to be found at http://wjcb.wildapricot.org/., was reviewed by a delegation of the Council and recommendations implemented.  It seems to operate better through the Morzilla Firefox internet browser and members who have been finding difficulty on more established browser software report much improved functionality when accessed in this way.

2.        World events: 

The 3rd World Jersey Cheese Awards will be held in September 2012 to coincide with the meetings of the European Jersey Forum in the Island of Jersey.  Full details of this will be posted on the dedicated website www.jerseycheese.com and mailed to all contacts.  Funding for this has been enabled through the reduced requirement of the secretariat for the year.  Regional awards were held in North America and Oceania.

The programme of forthcoming conferences has been set for 2014 in South Africa, and 2018 in the USA.  An invitation to hold the Annual Meetings in Australia in 2013 has been received and in Ecuador in 2015, which need to be confirmed.  With the Annual Meeting and a regional conference confirmed to be held in the UK in 2016 the programme for the coming years is almost complete. 

3.        Youth: 

a.    The Jersey Educational Travel Award (JETA) Programme:  The programme run in conjunction with the 19th International Conference in New Zealand was extremely popular with members and delegates.  The presentations are available on the Bureau website.  The future of this programme must be secured and sponsorship will need to be sought for it.    

b.    The Jersey Youth Travel Scheme:  The Secretary has circulated a draft agreement with Agriventure and once agreed and signed, which must be a matter of priority for the Council, the programme will be launched initially in the USA, New Zealand and the UK. 

c.    The Jersey Scholarship Travel Award:  There have been no applications for this award forward. 

4.        Knowledge transfer: 

The Secretariat has responded to enquiries regarding the breed or sources of stock which have been directed to the appropriate regional contacts. 

Other action points:

WJCB 60th anniversary publication - “The Dairy Queen – the history of the Jersey cow worldwide”:

This has absorbed an enormous amount of secretariat and officer time during the period.  A significant amount of the cost of publication has been received in sponsorship, although the financial commitment to this has undoubtedly reduced the ability of the Bureau to progress other projects. 

Ethics of cattle photography:

The Bureau statement was agreed in draft form at the last meetings but has yet to be confirmed in final form, following which the President is to communicate it to the member associations.

Circulation lists:

The Secretariat has an ongoing process to update contact information.

Harmonisation meeting:

It was agreed that the American Jersey Cattle Association would collate information relating to classification and assessment systems prevalent round the world which remains in progress.

Accounting & bookkeeping procedures:

A number of changes have been introduced by the Secretariat during the period on the recommendation of the audit committee:

  1. The Bureau no longer has its own credit card machine but utilises that facility provided by the secretariat.
  2. The secretariat fee has been re-examined.
  3. The World Jersey Cheese Awards are in effect ‘sponsored’ for 2012 although agreement must be reached for any future events.
  4. The financial statements are prepared by the RJA&HS Book Keeper.


Respectfully submitted

James W Godfrey, MSc, FRAgS, MRAC


April 2012

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