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I begin my report by saying how deeply honoured I was to be elected as President of the World Jersey Cattle Bureau in February 2011 at the 19th international conference of the Bureau held in New Zealand.

I also thank Dr. Gonzalo Maldonado for his leadership and guidance during the previous three years and have enjoyed working with him and the other members of the WJCB Council during that time.

As expected, the conference organised by Jersey New Zealand was highly successful.  The Jersey cow is at the heart of New Zealand dairying, and their place in the world’s dairy scene is indeed quite remarkable.

The conference and tours demonstrated to the visitors how the New Zealanders have developed their country using its wonderful natural assets to establish a dairy structure that enables them to market dairy products across the globe in their unique competitive way.

The conference provided delegates with an excellent opportunity to hear notable speakers and to join in the discussion on a variety of topics. The mix of scientists, dairy leaders and practical farmers was a perfect balance to reflect on an industry that is moving forward all the time.

The high quality and variety of the JETA speakers was particularly impressive.  The five young people, Jenny Evans from Mozambique, Benoit Guioullier from France, Mariano Storani from Argentina, Jennifer Vander Meulen from Canada and Troy Mauger from Australia, each brought forward a different aspect of dairying with Jerseys.  It was a stimulating performance by all and kept the audience enraptured.

These young people are some of the future leaders of the Jersey breed and it is most encouraging for the breed to have such men and women around the globe representing the Jersey cow.  It is important that the WJCB continue the JETA programme at future conferences.  The cost of including JETA as part of the conference activities is substantial and we will need to seek sponsorship from the industry to support this very important inclusion.

Surrounding the conference itself were very well planned tours to farms and tourist visits which everyone appreciated.  It was a glorious opportunity for visitors to see the New Zealand Jersey in her natural surroundings and to meet the breeders whose devotion to the breed is exemplary.

I thank Brian Carter, President of Jersey New Zealand, Maurice Pedley, Chairman of the Conference committee and Jenny Taylor, General Manager of Jersey New Zealand, and their team of hard-working colleagues who all made a huge contribution to the success of the 19th international conference and tours.

A huge dept of gratitude is also due to all the people who hosted the visitors.  New Zealand hospitality is renowned and those who were there to experience it came away with a very warm feeling about New Zealand and its people.

Information that comes in from time to time indicates that the Jersey breed is still gaining momentum in a number of countries.  This is extremely good news and very encouraging.  The Vice Presidents’ reports reflect the state of the breed around the world.

A great honour for the Jersey breed and the World Jersey Cattle Bureau was the presentation of the World Dairy Expo’s award “International Person of the Year” to Mrs. Anne Perchard, our Patron.  

Congratulations to Anne for being honoured by the international dairy community in such a way – it is well deserved.  All of us who know Anne have always known her value to the Jersey breed and her “global ambassador” status.  Now, the whole dairy world knows of Anne and how fortunate we are to have such a great “Jersey” lady in our ranks.

Last September I attended the meetings of the European Jersey Forum held in Chemille, France.  Delegates from eight countries enjoyed three days of excellent hospitality by the French breeders, and the meetings, under the chairmanship of WJCB Vice President, Anders Levring, covered a range of subjects.

The experience was motivating and those who attended were most enthusiastic.  The 2012 meetings of the European Jersey Forum will be held in Jersey in September.  The 2012 World Jersey Cheese Awards will be held at the same time.

In April I judged the “Swissjerseynight” show in Kϋssnaght im Rigi and with Jenny spent a week visiting ten Jersey farms in eastern and central Switzerland, some of which the WJCB council visited in 2006.  The show, organised by four young people, was an exciting evening event with a thousand people attending, many of which were breeders of other dairy breeds.

The Jersey breed is growing in Switzerland, considering the Jersey was not introduced until 1997 (due to a change in the law) – now there are about 10,000 head and up to 400 farmers have some Jerseys in their herd.

Work on the book of “The Dairy Queen – the history of the Jersey cow” has continued throughout the year and is nearing completion.  The Bureau is still seeking further sponsorship in order to progress with this important publication and it is planned to be available in the coming months.

The 2012 Council meetings are in Colombia and we look forward with great anticipation to visiting the home country of former President, Gonzalo Maldonado.  Gonzalo and his colleagues have worked hard to plan a motivating tour of their country and to see the Jersey cow performing in a diverse range of environmental conditions.

An additional highlight awaits those who will be visiting Guatemala on the pre-tour; a well-planned week in this fascinating country.

It will be sixteen months from the last meetings of the WJCB and there is a lot of work to be done by the Council.  Specific items submitted by member countries and individuals need to be discussed and I respectfully ask that all those delegates attending the meetings to review the agenda and prepare to play an active part in discussions. 

It is important that the future of the Bureau is informative and constructive to meet the needs of the global Jersey breed.  We welcome any ideas or comments from members to make the Bureau more effective in the coming years.

Respectfully submitted.

Derrick I Frigot



April 2012











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