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New Zealand 2011 - World Jersey 19th International Conference

Here are links to a selection of the papers presented at the conference.  Most speakers delivered their papers 'off the cuff', speaking to the slides in the presentations and so whilst the commentry is lost the slides do contain some fascinating information.  The message is -"come to the conference for the full effect"!!!  Thank you to the staff of Jersey New Zealand for arranging for the papers to be available.

The first group of papers were presented by the WJCB JETA winners and are listed by the speaker's name and the country they came from.  For more information on the JETA program please refer to the JETA page on this web site.

Jenny Evans - Mozambique  Benoit Guioullier - France  Mariano Storani - Argentina

Jennifer Vander Meulen - Canada  Troy Mauger - Australia

The second group of papers were presented during the conference programme and are listed by the speaker's name and the title of their paper.

Bill Montgomerie - Effective Products of Milk Solids

Dr. Jude Capper - Environmental Impact of Jersey v Holstein Milk Production

Claire Phyn - Jersey on 1 x day Milking in Grazing Systems

Paul Grave - Global Dairy Trade - Discovering the Market Place

Prof. Colin Holms - Genetic Improvement of Dairy Cattle for Grazing Systems

Andrew Shaw - Pathways in New Zealand Dairying Pasture and Business

Toby Sneddon - Pathway through New Zealand Farming and Share Milking

Andrew Walford - Pathways in New Zealand Dairying

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