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 To commence at 06:30 hrs on Sunday 14th September, at the

Protea Hotel Stellenbosch, Techno Avenue, Stellenbosch 7613, South Africa  





1.             President's Welcome

2.             To record those present and receive apologies for absence

3.             To approve minutes of the Council Meeting, held in May 2013 in Victoria, Australia

4.             To discuss any matters arising from these minutes

5.             To discuss the following Bureau business:

a.    To receive the President's Report

b.    To receive Vice Presidents' Reports

c.    To receive the Secretary's Report

d.    To receive the Treasurer's Report

e.    To approve Audited Accounts for the year end 31/12/2013

f.     To set Members Fees for the year

g.    To appoint Auditors

6.             To receive a Report on the Lord Jersey Research Trust 

7.             To accept and vote on nominations for Officers of the Bureau to present to the full Bureau Meeting.  The following nominations have been received, nominating countries in brackets:

a.    President – Derrick Frigot (USA, Jersey), Peter Ness (Australia)

b.    Vice President for Africa – Arno Theron (South Africa)

c.    Vice President for Asia-Oceania – Trevor Saunders (Australia)

d.    Vice President for Europe – Anders Levring (Denmark)

e.    Vice President for Latin America – Agustin Robredo (Colombia)

f.     Vice President for North America – Kathryn Kyle (USA)

g.    To appoint a Secretary – Two applications received: RJA&HS, Jersey & Adela Booth Associates, UK

h.    To appoint an Honorary Treasurer

8.             To discuss future strategy for the Bureau

9.             To discuss future WJCB Meetings:

a.    Annual meetings 2015 (India or Costa Rica or Denmark), 2017 (Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique)

b.    2016 Annual Meeting & Regional Conference in the United Kingdom

c.    2018 International Conference 21, in the USA

10.         Any Other Business

a.    From President     To discuss the JETA programme for 2018 and potential sponsorship.

b.    From President     To discuss establishment of designated youth fund.

c.    From President    To discuss holding the 5th World Jersey Cheese Awards, possibly in UK in 2016.

d.    From UK Jerseys To consider association membership of the Bureau in relation to legislation governing breed associations around the world. 

James W Godfrey


All papers relating to this agenda are posted on the WJCB website:


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