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The Lord Jersey Research Trust - 2014

The second meeting of the Management Committee was held at 14.00 hrs GMT on Tuesday 11th February 2014

at the offices of the Royal Jersey Agricultural & Horticultural Society, Jersey.


  1. Present:

Lewis Rondel (elected by those present to be Chairman for the meeting)

Derrick Frigot

Steve Le Feuvre

Johannes van Eeden (by telephone whereby he could hear all that was being said and all others present could hear what he said)

James Godfrey (who took the minutes)

  1. Apologies:

None but it was noted with sadness that Anne Perchard had died on 1st April 2013.

  1. Minutes of the meeting of 21st January 2004:

It was agreed on the proposition of Steve Le Feuvre and seconded by Derrick Frigot that these are a true record of the meeting.

  1. Matter Arising:

It was noted that whilst the Management Committee had not met for some time the activities of the LJRT was reported on an annual basis at the meeting of the World Jersey Cattle Bureau (WJCB) Council, which has been attended by at least three members of the Management Committee.

  1. To discuss the future of the LJRT with reference to the paper previously circulated outlining the current position (copy attached to these minutes):

There was some discussion about the historical background to forming the trust and how it had not attracted the level of donations originally envisaged and it was felt that the sums involved were too small to warrant the continuation of the trust with associated administration costs. 

It was unanimously agreed on the proposition of Steve Le Feuvre, seconded by Johannes van Eeden, that the trust be ‘wound up’ with any remaining monies being offered to the Council of the WJCB to be retained in a designated fund to be applied to support youth programmes around the world associated with the Jersey breed.   This fund should include the £20,000 forwarded to the WJCB to support the publication of the ‘Dairy Queen’ history book, the current residual balance of £3,294.15.  In addition ask that the Council reconsider its decision that any net proceeds to the WJCB resulting from sales of that book should be donated to the trust.

  1. Actions agreed:

The offer would be communicated to the WJCB at its annual meeting of the Council in South Africa in September 2014 by Derrick Frigot and if the WJCB Council accepted the offer then the trust would be ‘wound up’, bank accounts closed and funds transferred without further meeting.

  1. Any other business:


The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 14.45. 

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