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   World Jersey Cattle Bureau Annual Meeting & Tour 2015, to Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Denmark 


2015 Annual Meeting Papers (and European Jersey Forum) are available from the link on         the left hand index. 

If you are attending please print and bring copies with you

 Program of the 2015 Annual Meeting Tour of the WJCB World Jersey Cattle Bureau march 31.pdf


Cologne  at night as part of the river trip 

 Jerseys in the Swiss Alps     

                         Judging at the  Swiss Jersey Night      

                   Jerseys in Germany 

          Remeker cheese   

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World Jersey Cattle Bureau


"The Versatile Jersey", an article by Bureau President Derrick Frigot

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The World Jersey Cattle Bureau (WJCB) is an international organisation, made up of national Jersey cattle associations, individuals and other organistations, which focuses organisations, four strands of activity in support of the fastest growing breed of dairy cow:

Communication - providing a communication forum that enables members, cattle breeders and all those with an interest in the Jersey breed access to the global Jersey community and an information resource that transcends geographical zones.

World Events - establishing and developing global events that serve to promote the qualities of the Jersey breed including the WJCB International Conferences and World Jersey Cheese Awards.

Youth - hosting a suite of youth travel programmes that enable young people to develop their careers at various stages. 

Knowledge transfer - seeking opportunities in countries where the breed is embryonic or has limited resources.


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